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Livestock farming

The region of La Jara has always been a land with a multitude of goat herds, which is why we have set up our own Malagueá breed goat farm in a privileged natural setting in the Montes de Toledo, in the municipality of Buenasbodas.

Careful feeding, handling, a natural environment and hygienic milking are the reasons why the best milk is obtained for the production of artisan cheese.

The goats live in a welfare environment and graze daily, which gives the milk its characteristic aroma.

Both the livestock and the facilities are perfectly controlled both in terms of hygiene and sanitary control, which makes it possible to control the quality of the milk.

This milk has a higher than average amount of fat and protein, which makes it particularly suitable for making a cheese with an excellent taste and texture.

Cheese factory

Quesería de la Jara recovers the cheese-making tradition that has existed in this region, and we market these artisan products of which we are very proud, in our cheese factory located 7 km from the livestock farm, in the municipality of La Nava de Ricomalillo.

We make our cheeses with strictly controlled milk, from the very morning of milking. Sanitary analyses are carried out on a regular basis in order to preserve the maximum sanitary qualification, and to be able to work with raw milk, without artificial treatments.

The use of quality raw materials, the completely artisanal production process and an exquisite professionalism in the production process, allows for a variety of cheeses and other dairy products full of personality.

By allowing natural moulding on the surface of the cheeses, we achieve a unique texture, flavour and appearance.

Location of the farm

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